Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pinoy Palaro

1 Patintero
Is a popular street game among Pinoys. It is considered to be best played and enjoyed at night especially when the moon is full. The players start off the game by marking the ground with a rectangular shape about five to six meters, all divided into equal parts. Chalk or water is the most common kind of marker being used for this game, although sometimes the players may just draw lines on the ground by dragging their feet. The players are then divided into two teams of equal number. One team guards the area and tries to tag the members of the other team without stepping off the lines. The other team tries to get through all the two or three lines without being tagged. Both teams take turns to be runners and guards.

The young and the young at heart always enjoy the classic beach game of "limbo".
Take a limbo stick or substitute and one person holds on end and another person holds the other. Turn on limbo music or regular music and have guest walk under the stick without falling or using their hand to touch the ground. The key to this game is that you start the stick high and after everyone has gone under (a turn) then the bar is lowered a few inches, this continues after each turn until there is only one person who can go under.

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